Hello all,

2013 has been an exciting year for me. It marks the tenth anniversary of the publication of my first book (McIver’s Mission, May 2003) and it is also the year of the release of my 25th book—From Neighbors . . . To Newlyweds? (January 2013). In addition, I was incredibly honored to learn that The Maverick’s Ready-Made Family received the Romantic Times Book Reviews 2012 Reviewer’s Choice Award for “Best Special Edition.” With so much to celebrate, it seemed time to finally put up my own website.

Toward that end, I’d like to send out a huge “thank you” to Stuart Torrance of Rebel Designs and Solutions for his unending patience in putting this site together. An interesting fact is that I might not have needed a website if not for Stuart’s father, Tom, who was the instructor at Niagara College where I took my first writing course. (Yes, after a History degree from McMaster University and a Law degree from the University of Ottawa, I decided to go back to school.) There’s a lot more I could say about Tom—and not just about the lessons he taught me as a writer but the friendships that developed through his courses, but it occurred to me that might be a good topic for a blog . . .

Although one of my favorite things about being a writer is hanging out with my fictional characters, I’ve started to make an effort to interact more with the real world. I’ve been a member of Facebook since June 2008 (and an active participant since January 2013); I recently joined Twitter (and really need to figure out what I’m doing there); and I’m going to start blogging (and will try to remember that “blog” is not synonymous with “rant”). All of this while continuing to write books (hopefully within contracted deadlines), get my kids to school and hockey practice and various other activities on time, and put dinner on the table at least a couple of times a week. (And yes, I do consider pizza to be dinner.)

So if this page sometimes seems a little outdated, please be patient. I do promise to update it somewhat regularly so you have a reason to come back and check out what’s new every once in a while.

All the best,